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ceramic excellence

Silt Studio is Regina’s centre for ceramic excellence, offering professional and aspiring makers room to create, hold space, and learn. At our sunlit studio you’ll find a range of experience, from introductory workshops to master classes, all led by talented, skilled artists. Check out our opportunities and choose your adventure. Come make with us!

space to make

A Silt Studio Pass allows you access to our ceramic workshop, complete with pottery wheels, kiln room, a glaze lab, and more. Whether you’re looking to master your craft or just get your hands in clay, Silt allows you to work at the pace and times that suit you best while surrounding yourself with good company. Your studio awaits!


We honour the Indigenous people who’ve been here, who are here now, and who will be here in the future. Our commitment to learning about and engaging with the histories and contemporary realities of this land emerges from our desire to build a stronger world together. We respect the resources we draw upon and acknowledge the makers who inform this beautiful craft that we celebrate.

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strength in community

Silt is fresh and community-focused. Our contributors range from professional artists and serious hobbyists to new creatives. We are open to unique collaborations, special events, and custom orders. Bring your ideas to Silt!