What are Silt Studio’s business hours?

If you have a Silt Studio Pass, we are open 24-7. If you’re not a pass-holder, you can sign up for courses or workshops, book a custom event, or come visit us during special occasions (ie. pop ups, open houses, parties, etc.). We don’t have regular business hours and are not generally open to the public. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with what’s happening at Silt!

Is a Silt Studio Pass for me?

Anyone can be a pass-holder at Silt. Working side-by-side with other makers and our talented technicians will broaden your creative horizons!

If you’ve never worked in a studio environment or taken a course before but you want to have studio access, we require you to take Studio Foundations to ensure you are comfortable in and proficient with our facility. If you’d like more structure, our courses and workshops are always available in addition to a studio pass. Due to the inherent dangers of ceramic tools, equipment and materials, pass-holders must be aged 16 and up.

We have three options: Full Studio Pass, Lite Studio Pass, and our Mud-Free Pass. Check them out for more info to determine which is right for you!

If I have a studio pass, can I bring a friend?

Yes. The best way to introduce a friend to Silt Studio is to have them sign up for the Lite Studio Pass. It’s an affordable way (only $7.50/hr) to experience the studio at varying times of day so that they can determine if Silt is the place for them. For every friend you refer, you’ll be entered into our annual draw for one free Silt Studio Learning Pass (3 Class) - just let us know your friend’s name!

Can I buy a course or workshop for someone else?

Yes, Silt Studio gift cards make an excellent gift! Please let us know the recipient’s name at checkout and feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

What equipment is available at Silt Studio?

Our complete ceramics facility includes four kilns, twelve pottery wheels, a slab roller, an extruder, a glaze lab, a digital photography setup, a range of work surfaces, ample storage, and abundant tools. The studio also offers free wifi and access to our communal kitchen, lounge, and patio.

Is technical support available?

We have a studio tech who can help with basic questions about the studio, equipment, facilities, etc. The tech will also manage firings for members who are not yet comfortable or proficient with kilns. If you are unsure, never hesitate to ask! If a tech is not available, please contact us.

What should I bring with me?

If you’re taking a workshop or course, wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Bring a hand towel; an apron or over-shirt is a good idea too. You may also want to bring a water bottle. Be sure to remove rings and put long hair up or tie it back.

If you have experience in clay and have some favourite tools, feel free to bring them along but be aware that you are responsible for your own property. The studio will open 15 minutes before the session starts so that you can settle in and get ready to make!

Can I leave my stuff at the studio?

With a Silt Studio Pass, you’ll have open shelf space in the studio and you’re welcome to leave your things there. We do our best to provide a safe and secure environment, but we recommend you take home extremely valuable items or anything that you couldn’t stand to lose. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Participants of any course or workshop will share a communal shelf and the same rule applies.

Can I buy materials from Silt?

Yes. We sell clay, which includes the cost of glazes and firings. We also offer a small inventory of raw materials and tools to our members, students, and Silt community.

How does my work get fired at Silt?

All you have to do is leave it on the designated shelf, and one of our technicians will fire your piece(s). We fire cone 06 bisque and cone 6 glaze.

If you are an experienced ceramicist, you can fire your own work by booking space in the kiln room at least two weeks in advance of firing. If you don’t use clay purchased at Silt Studio, a kiln firing fee applies.

How long will it take for my work to be fired?

Pieces produced in workshops will be available for pickup at Silt Studio within 4 weeks of the end of the workshop.

Pieces produced in courses will be fired throughout the course. Final work can be picked up within 4 weeks of the end of the course.

When your work is ready for pickup, we will send you an email reminder. If your work isn’t collected within 30 days of that reminder, it will be disposed of by our staff.

The work of those with a Silt Studio Pass is a priority. Kilns are fired regularly at Silt Studio with expected turnaround of 10 days or less. Pass-holders can reserve space in the calendar for independent firings or coordinated group firings.

Can I be waitlisted for a course, workshop, or private studio?

If you see that a course or workshop you’re interested in is sold out, please let us know. We’ll add you to our waitlist and be in touch if a space becomes available or if another opportunity opens up. If you’re interested in a private studio, contact us to be added to our waitlist.

What if I have to miss a class?

Happily, our Silt Studio Learning Pass gives you flexible access to our courses, meaning that you never have to worry about missing a class! Silt Studio Learning Passes never expire. They are transferable but non-refundable. You can use this punchcard-style pass as quickly or as slowly as you like - whatever feels right for you. Once you’ve used up the pass, you can purchase another to continue learning. If an instructor has to cancel a session due to illness or emergency, it will be posted on our Events page - please check the calendar before coming to class.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

Check out our Cancellation Policy.

Where can I park when I come to Silt?

Monday to Saturday, you’ll find 2-hour street parking on 15th Avenue and Albert Street (pending time of day - beware of designated bus routes). On Sunday, street parking is free and the lot behind our building is open and available. We reserve one spot in this lot 24-7 for loading into the building. Please do not park in the loading zone unless you are loading/unloading. Limited private parking spaces are available for rent; contact us for more info.

Can I take the bus to Silt Studio?

Yes. City bus stops are directly in front of our building on Albert Street and on 15th Avenue.

Is Silt Studio accessible?

Our studio is located on the second floor. Unfortunately, the building does not have an elevator; we regret that we do not have a fully accessible space at this time.

Can I volunteer at Silt Studio?

Sure you can! Please let our friendly staff know what you’re interested in offering and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Is Silt Studio a registered service provider with Creative Kids?

Yes. Funding can support your child’s enrolment in our Prodigy Course or summer camps at Silt.